Chase has been riding bicycles for over a decade and has competed at the professional level against the best riders in the sport. He began using his bike as a platform to share the Gospel in 2014. Today Chase travels the world sharing the Gospel to large crowds or to anyone that will listen.  He chooses to use BMX and Trials bike stunt shows as his platform to share Christ. He also is a competitive road cyclist who has a mission to bring a light into that community. Chase once used his gifts and talents as a mean to glorify himself but now he does it to glorify God. Chase wants to share the love of Christ and show the world that God can use all of their gifts and talents to glorify him.


Chase Coffman grew up in Springfield, Missouri.  When he was 9 years old his father passed due to a drug overdose.  His father's passing left behind Chase's mom, brother Jordan, and sister Ashley.  Not long after, Chases mom fell down a similar path to his father's and began her journey of incarceration. His sister had moved away to Florida at this point leaving Chase and his little brother without parents a majority of the time.  When Chase was 14 he found BMX through his brother. His passion for bikes grew quickly and the sport became an escape from his reality at home.  At the age of 18 Chase began traveling the world and competing professionally.  However, BMX soon lost its potents as his escape and Chase started turning to drugs, alcohol, and partying.  In 2014 a ministry called, Real Encounter Outreach, asked him to perform BMX stunt shows with them. This is where he heard the Gospel for the first time and learned what it meant to have a real relationship with Christ. Chase has given his life to Christ and since then the Lord has begun restoring his family life. He also travels the world sharing the Good News and using his many different talents of cycling as a platform. Chase is passionate about bikes, building relationships, and sharing that Jesus Christ really is The Way, The Truth, and The Life! 





January 14-15   Davis, Oklahoma

February 17   Fordland, Missouri

April 14   Springfield, Missouri

April 21   Spartanburg, South Carolina

April 28   Watford City, North Dakota

June 1-3     Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

June 8-10  Sioux Falls, South Dakota

June 21      Chattanoga, Tennessee

June 22      Jacksonville, Illinois

June 23      Indiana

June 28     Illinois

June 30    Wisconsin

July 1        Arnold, Missouri

July 6-8   Bentonville, Arkansas

July 13-15  Stockton, Missouri

July 20-25  Grand Junction, Colorado


August 2   Mt. Vernon, Missouri

August 5   Branson, Missouri

August 31-September 1  St. Louis, Missouri

September 17-19 Lebanon, Missouri

October 7   St. Charles, Missouri

October 28  Clarksville, Tennessee

October 30   Shreveport, Louisiana

October 31   Springfield, Missouri

November 18-19  Alexandria, Louisiana



Pray for wisdom, strength and courage for Chase as he continues to press forward in His calling and proclaim the life changing truth of The Gospel. 

Are you in need of prayer? If you are please fill out a prayer request in the CONTACT section. Chase believes in prayer and would love to be able to pray for you! God Bless!


The Lord has been gracious providing Chase with what he needs to cover his basic expenses through Missions, Shows, and Cycling. That said, to increase his impact with things like sharing the gospel and using his talents to bring light to the Kingdom will require additional finances. He would be stoked if you decided to partner with him in this way, just click the link below to find out more information.



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